Student s Name DL Practice Session Date mm/dd/yyyy Time am/pm Daytime Hours Nighttime Adult s Signature and DL Getting Ready Starting Placing the Vehicle in Motion and Stopping Recommended 1 hour Moving Stopping Steering Knowing Where You Are Backing Turning Lane Position and Visual Skills Searching Intended Path of Travel Parking Turnabouts Multiple Lane Roadways City Driving Expressway/Freeway Driving I certify and endorse that the above record is true and correct and my student has...
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Hey I'm Nick from a civil driving and I'm going to help you gather and fill out the forms that you need to bring to the DPS we're going to get your permit let's start with a de nine six fold this is a certificate that we will email to you after you complete the first level of the course check your inbox for do add it to your staff from this parent top packet you're going to want to bring the dl 90 a the classroom instruction affidavit whoever is set to be the parent instructor will want to fill this one out you'll want to check the six hour box for the concurrent program and the course number is 116 but make sure to not sign anything until you get to the DPS next from the packet comes the classroom instruction law or the DL 91 a hey guys quick update the TDLR has changed some of the regulations regarding the parent top packet you'll now be able to receive the behind-the-wheel logs straight from a civil you can just go to a Sybil comm slash Texas driving log so you can check out that link below also if you ordered your packet on or after November 14 2016 you'll need to bring your parent top packet receipt with you to the DPS when you go to get your permit they'll want to see that before giving you your permit now back to my buddy Nick the DL 14 a is the application for the learner licence the student will need to fill this one out with all of their personal information the verification of enrollment comes from the school have your student have a school administrator sign the BOE form for them as for identification you'll want a very accommodation of a passport birth certificate or a u.s. certificate of citizenship you'll also need to bring your Social Security card the proof of residency can come from you mom and dad you'll need a combination of two are the following adi mortgage statement and utility bill or a voter registration car that's everything that you need to bring to the DPS in order to get your permit now gather up all those forms head to the DPS and start driving if you have any other questions feel free to call chat or email us or head on over to Facebook comm / Help Center a symbol drive awesome